About Us

Plastic Mouldings currently employs 78 people in our Manufacturing, Administration and Management teams and are proud to say, that during our 50 years in the plastics industry, we have become a market leader due to continued improvement of our dip and rotational moulding processes, our vacuum forming and low cost tooling development processes. 

Plastic Mouldings Limited is part of the Plastic Industries Group. This group includes the Dip Moulding Division which manufactures flexible and semi-rigid PVC, natural rubber as well as cast and slush mouldings for a wide range of industrial and domestic markets.  Our Rotational Moulding Division manufacture large and small, hollow complex shaped mouldings for a variety of uses, with the Vacuum Forming Division involved in large sheet forming which are used within the industrial and domestic markets.

Here at Plastic Mouldings we also offer a custom design service whereby our customers are engaged from the design stage all the way through to the manufacturing process, ensuring a steady flow from beginning to end using our CAD and tooling development processes.

We are accredited to ISO standards and follow a strict environmental policy to ensure that no waste ever goes to landfill. 


We are located 35 miles south west of Glasgow in the town of Irvine, Ayrshire and have been resident in the same premises, employing experienced local labour.

Tel: 01294 278091

Meet the Team

Below you will find the contact details for some of our senior sales and management team. You can contact any of these staff members directly regarding any enquiries you may have with their relevant department. 

    Paula Aitken

    Head of Sales

    Ian Spears

    Technical Manager

    Craig Wilson

    Quality Department

    Margaret Cairns

    Sales Administrator

    Ann Haraty

    Marine Administrator

    Ashley Wilson

    Despatch Department

    Siobhan Wheatley

    Finance Department