The Dip Moulding Process

One of the most commonly used techniques of moulding plastic here at Plastic Mouldings is ‘dip moulding’.

Dip Moulding Process:

  • Heated metal moulds are dipped into a liquid plastic.
  • The liquid plastic is heated around the mould.
  • The moulds are then taken out.
  • The mould covered in the liquid plastic is then baked.
  • The liquid turns into a solid plastic material once it is cooled.
  •  The plastic is then stripped from the mould to reveal the plastic moulding.

Dip moulding is essentially a technique for the economical production of flexible and semi-rigid PVC components. Often used for mass production, it is particularly suitable for small and medium quantities. A related but somewhat different technique is used for the production of Chloroprene (Neoprene). The process needs only simple aluminium tooling, shaped by machining or casting, to the internal dimensions of the required moulding. It is because such tooling is inexpensive by comparison, for instance, with injection moulding, that small and medium quantities can be produced economically. Complex shapes can be moulded allowing considerable design freedom. The natural finish of the mouldings is smooth, glossy, textured or matt and shows no tool split lines.

YOUTUBE VIDEO:  Dip Moulding Animation


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