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Flat Sleeves

This is a smooth (not threaded) female fitting that will accept an unthreaded piece of pipe of the same size, which must be glued in. Plastic Mouldings has a number of years experience in manufacturing this type of product.

Our sleeves and flat sleeves have been used in a number of industries, such as in the sports industry for gym equipment.

We use our Dip-Moulding manufacturing process for the design production of sleeves and flat sleeves. Our experience in manufacturing the tools and our use of the high quality materials means that not only do we offer these products at a competitive price, but you can also have the peace of mind that you will receive a high quality bellow manufactured to your needs every time.

Please note these are available in any colour. 

Colour matching is also available. 

Also we have a printing service available. 

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Width Depth Length
1.5mm 12.5mm 55mm
1.5mm 15mm 50mm
1.5mm 19mm 75mm
3mm 16mm 45mm
3mm 22mm 110mm
3mm 24mm 110mm
3.2mm 8mm 70mm
3.2mm 18mm 115mm
4mm 24mm 60mm
4mm 31.5mm 105mm
4mm 19mm 60mm
4.5mm 16.5mm 90mm
6mm 12mm 75mm
9.6mm 32mm 125mm
12.5mm 19mm 125mm


Product Range

  • Example Applications

    We distribute our products to approximately 700 different companies a year across many different sectors. We have outlined some of the example applications and industry sectors we currently supply.

  • Design & Development

    Most well designed products start with the germ of an idea. Our product design and development team can help in growing these ideas in to prototypes and production.